Let’s get out there. World Cup 2021, here we come!

Let’s get out there. World Cup 2021, here we come!

A dream is finally becoming reality. Next year we will bring the best riders we got, on our very own bikes together with our partners and our amazing crew to the UCI Mountainbike World Cup.

Want some goosebumps? Watch the video and we can almost guarantee you some…

It’s been a journey that started in 2003 and has long been a dream for our Team Director Alexander Vincent Blomqvist who not only owns Allebike and creates all the bikes, he’s also been an active rider for many years and always had a vision that one day he would be on the World Cup stage with Allebike.

And we couldn’t be more proud of the riders we get to bring with us. Starting with the extremely experienced Emil Lindgren whom just climbed to the top of the podium on the Swedish Championships and claimed the blue and yellow jersey for the upcoming season.

Along with Emil we will have Oscar Lind, a very promising rider that will make his debut in the U23 category. Just like Emil, Oscar also claimed the gold medal at the Swedish Championship in the men’s junior category.

We are so excited about this and we look forward to keep you updated along the way and from the races.

Let’s get out there!

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