May 11, 2021

Race Report Albstadt 2021

Go back in time with us and experience our first 2021 UCI Mountainbike World Cup.

It’s tuesday the 5th of May and 222 days have passed since we announced that we would join the 2021 UCI Mountainbike World Cup.

In front of Allebike HQ the entire fleet is lined up and loading is in progress. In addition to Emil and Oscar’s bikes together with the rest of the bikes for the crew, over 200 square meters of tent, 700 kg of flooring, flags, banners, tables and chairs are packed into the large trailer supplied by Börjessons bil and the Allebike RV.

Earlier in the morning the obligatory covid-tests were taken in Gothenburg and in the late afternoon the results are in – we can relax, everyones result came back negative and the 1500 km journey towards Albstadt begin for the drivers. The RV and trailer is being driven by Mathias Lind, Oscar Lind’s father and in one of our new Skoda Octavia’s is Håkan Lykkeberg, our mechanic from Shimano.

The rest of the team calls it a night to prepare for the flight in the early morning, from Landvetter via Frankfurt to Stuttgart.

Wednesday morning is here and for most of us it’s a really early morning, 04:30 except for Emil, who more or less considered it a sleep in… An excited Peter Blomqvist gave us a lift to the airport and thanks to having all our luggage already en route in the team RV and trailer to Albstadt we could quickly check in at the airport and board the plane to Frankfurt

Upon arrival in Frankfort we had just enough time to grab a quick snack and a coffee in Frankfurt before jumping on our connecting flight to Stuttgart. After arriving at Stuttgart there was a short drive from the airport and we finally arrive to our home away from home for the next week.

Later that afternoon the drivers arrived, remarkably rested, upbeat and excited for what lay ahead of us.

When we wake up Thursday morning the rain is pouring down and the thermometer is showing some less than impressive figures. But we’re eager and determined and can’t wait to get started so at 7 am we’re already at checkin to the area and starts right away with our new morning routine, covid-testing, before entering the area.

It felt great to start organizing our team area even though the non-stop rain and cold temperature didn’t make it any easier for us.

A few hours later we were done and could take a break in the RV while Emil and Oscar eagerly smashed out a few laps on the course.

Coming back from the course charged, Emil and Oscar handed over their dirty bikes with pleasure and a smile to Shimano Team mechanic Håkan and slipped back to the RV for a snack and some rest.

Friday is upon us and the races didn’t start until late in the afternoon so the riders had plenty of time to practice on the course. Emil opted for just that whilst Oscar chose to enjoy an easy ride on some of the nice and quiet roads in the area.

Even the crew could get a few hours in the saddle around the surrounding area.

Since each visit to the closed area came with covid-testing we decided to not go there and watch the Short Track on Redbull TV instead.

Raceday! It’s Saturday and today is the day for our U23-rider in the team, Oscar Lind. The race start for Oscar is 15:00 so it gave him time to take it easy in the morning and enjoy a bit of rest in anticipation of the race. The rest of the team headed to the race area about 10 am.

Even though everything was closed down with quite a bit of security, we got a lot of visits from Allebike riders, old friends and some new friends that we’re curious about the whole team. This was a lot of fun and motivating for us all!

Of course it would have been even better if there would have been an audience in the tens of thousands like it usually is but hopefully we will be back there again soon.

The mens U23 had five laps to do on the 4,2 km course with over 190 meters of climbing per lap, a really demanding race physically and with that also technically (try descending a WC course while you can barely breathe, not to be recommended to inexperienced riders).

Oscar had a real challenge ahead of him with a startposition at the very back with 130+ riders in front of him, pretty much all of them very fast riders.

But straight away of the block Oscar showed that he would be more at home in the front of the pack and continuously climbing up trough the field. Five laps later he crossed the finish line in P31, an impressive performance.

A nice bonus was to see Victor Philipsen from Denmark, he had a good day too and he finished in P37.

It’s Sunday and the sun is shining and already at 7 am the mercury is rising fast, today is going to be a cracking hot day and the contrast to the snowy rain just a few days ago is almost laughable but we’re certainly not complaining.

We enjoy some breakfast at our house before heading down to the race area and get our morning routine going.

Emil makes himself comfortable in our team area and Jessica heads out to the course to scout for the best locations to get some smashing photos (like you’ve seen already).

Jessica stays on the track during the women’s elite and then joins us back in the RV for some lunch before everyone gets ready for the men’s elite with Emil at 14:35.

Just like Oscar Emil had a rough position to start out from way back in the 14th row, something Emil hadn’t experienced prior to this race. But it was all planned and calculated with so the vision for the race was clear, stay out of crashes in the back and just try to climb up the field at a steady pace.

Just like Oscar Emil had a rough position to start out from way back in the 14th row, something Emil hadn’t experienced prior to this race. But it was all planned and calculated with so the vision for the race was clear, stay out of crashes in the back and just try to climb up the field at a steady pace.

The first three laps were brutal with a lot of stops and queuing on the track, but the last three laps had more of a flow and Emil climbed up the field. 

Six laps later and Emil crosses the finishing line in P72, a strong performance and a great start to the 2021 WC.

It all went well and both the power and technique was there for Emil and hopefully we’ll get to show even more of it in the upcoming races.

First WC is done and dusted and we celebrated it all with some tasty pizzas in our team area before getting on with the work of dismantling the entire area and packing it up for the next stop –  Nové Město na Moravě.