Top of the podium for Lejla and Emil!

After five days of racing on four different islands in Croatia, Lejla Tanović Njemčević together with teammate Stefanie Dohrn crossed the finish line for the last time of the week – and they did it fastest of all! The race ”4 Islands”, with start in Baška, Croatia, is a part of the Epic Series and has the classification as a SSR – UCI Stages Series race. 

Lejla and her teammate won with the impressive advantage of 18 minutes and 39 seconds ahead of the second-placed Constanze Fasolis and Claudie Peretti from Italy. By finishing first, Lejla collected 250 UCI point and is now ranked 7th marathon cyclist in the world!

Due to the logistical requirements and the terrain where the stages were held, Lejla claims this to be one of the most demanding races she ever competed in. 

”You need exceptional consentration in all stages. The race got the best out of both me and Stefania and that’s why this is so far, my favorite victory. During all five stages I felt good and ready though, especially in the long climbs. This was a proof of some good shape and I look forward to the rest of the season and the remaining five World Cups with great confidence.” Tanović says. 

Meanwhile in Varberg, Sweden, Emil Lindgren had his race premiere for the season. Five laps on a 4,5 kilometer long technical cours with a lot of sharp turns, demanding full focus from the riders from the very beginning. After just over one hour of racing Lindgren manages to cross the finish line as rider number one and the first victory of the season is secured. 

”I always feel super motivated to race in Varberg because of the well-functioning organisation who offers great tracks and events both with Varberg MTB Meeting in the spring and Bockstensturen at fall.” Lindgren says. 

He continues with telling me that no matter how ”old” he gets he can not keep the butterflies away for the first race of the season, it is a always a special feeling. 

”I’ve had a good feeling in my body during the last couple of weeks and the race itself felt well-controlled and fun. A perfect opening of the season and I am glad that I am able to keep this high level year after year. Now we have kicked of the season and I am really looking forward to race for almost every weekend a couple of months ahead.”

Photo: Amanda Nordin

Next up is Klippingracet Swe Cup for Emil and XCM World cup Jelenia Gora for Lejla. Until then – get out there! 🔥