SWE CUP - Giro Himledalen

In a small village a few kilometers from Varberg, Halland the elite of Swedish roadracing were gathered for a showdown in the second competition of the Swedish road-cup. On the start-line we had Tilde Hammarström, Vincent’s Cycling Club in women elite, and 8 out of 11 cyclists from Motala AIF Serneke Allebike in men elite. Hugo Lennartsson, Edvin Lovidius, Linus Eriksson Kvist, Lukas Vernersson, Carl Kagevi, Filip Mård, Jakob Ahlsson and Samuel Lord. 

The course of todays race is just as challenging as it is beautiful. 60 kilometers on small roads with views over small lakes and typical Swedish landscapes. 2 laps where waiting for the women and 3 for the men. 

10 am I met up with the crew and they where all up in the process of preparing for todays race. The sky was blue and even though the quite cold wind reminded us that summer is still a few weeks away, it looked like we were having a good day in front of us. Preparation, team talk and leaders meeting before preparing all back pockets with gel and bikes with energy drink bottles. 11.45 am and 30 minutes to start, a easy spin towards race centrum to warm up the legs. It’s go time!

12.15 and we’re of. MAIF had already set a goal to be active and make it a hard race, which they did. Several attacks eventually created a group of 8 cyclists, in the breakaway we had Hugo Lennartsson.

Eventually, a group of four cyclists, containing Jacob Ahlsson, caught up and there where now 12 cyclist fighting for the victory with one lap left. With a few kilometers left Norwegian Andre Sotberg manages to go solo and crosses the finish line 13 second before the chasing group of 11. Sprint finish for place 2-12 where Hugo Lennartsson finishes 3rd. 

In the women’s class the first 40 km out of 120 were quite passive. Small attacks sensing the other riders but no real efforts to distance the peloton. After 40 kilometers CK Ringen decided to go for the KOM prize, but only a few minutes later the peloton was once again gathered into lap number two. 

About 10 km into the second lap, however, Tilde sees her chance at one of the hilly sections of the course. As the strong climber she is she manages to get a gap of 45 seconds down to the chasing peloton. With 50 kilometers of racing left she has a tough challenge in front of her though. It takes an iron will but after over one hour of riding solo she manages to cross the finish line first of all and secures the victory as well as the SWECUP leader jersey! 

A tired, happy and maybe a bit chocked Tilde gets a high five and a hug from boyfriend and supporter Richard Larsén. What a race! 

Until next time – get out there! 🔥